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[avniR] Teaching Platform

On May 13th, [avniR] launched its teaching platform. The objective of this platform is to encourage the emergence of teaching Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and eco-conception throughout higher education, in order to provide tomorrow's professionals with modern and strategic decision-making tools, in respect of sustainable development.

Présentation des outils pédagogiques  

To do this, we provide member teachers with pedagogical tools around LCA, but also the opportunity to interact with teachers in other disciplines. This promotes the establishment of multidisciplinary projects, an approach essential to the LCA methodology. Our ambition is to provide them with knowledge and training to teach Life Cycle Analysis and eco-conception as of the beginning of academic year in September 2011.

At the launch event, close to 50 teachers and experts came together to learn the objectives of the platform, how we plan to work together, and share their needs and expectations in terms of teaching LCA.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn from Valérie Becaert, Deputy Director of the Interuniversity Research Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services (CIRAIG) based in Montreal, Canada. Her contribution focused on the latest advances in LCA and a presentation of the CIRAIG.

  Valérie Becaert, CIRAIG, Montréal

The [avniR] teaching platform is a space for collaboration and co-creation of training tools, where each member will have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement and development of tools and resources. Currently the tools and resources available in the teaching platform are mainly in French, although some references to resources are in English.

Signataires de la Charte lors de l'évennement
Some of the "founding member teachers" during the launch event

In order to ensure commitment to contribute to the platform, members sign a Charter of Engagement. A copy of this Charter (in French) can be found here. By signing the charter, member teachers commit to:

  • Actively engage in exchange with other teacher members
  • Support the teaching implementation, and/or teach, LCA and eco-conception
  • Provide feedback on teaching experience and the pedagogical tools provided
  • Contribute to the evolution of the pedagogical tools provided on the platform
  • Act with integrity and understanding, respect laws and rules, in particular with regard to competition law and copyrights
  • Offer the best of their competencies to the [avniR] platform initiatives, as well as discipline, professionalism and diligence
  • Act in absolute respect of other member teachers and project staff
  • Respect the confidentiality of events and/or information they obtain within the framework of their participation in [avniR] and the teaching platform.

You can also view a list of member teachers here.

For more information regarding the [avniR] Teaching Platform, you please contact Jodie Bricout, [avniR] platform coordinator by par email or on phone +33 3 21 13 06 80.

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