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 Speakers [avniR] Conference 2014 

François Michel Lambert, President of the Institute of  Circular Economy, Hugo-Maria Schally, Head of Unit eco-innovation and circular economy at the European Commission, Sonia Valdivia, Program Manager, Sustainable Recycling Industries, Life Cycle Management at World Resources Forum, etc. come to Lille in less than a month for the International [avniR] Conference which will be held the 5th and 6th of November in Nouveau Siècle, Lille.  

 More speakers soon.


Imola BEDO
logo European Commission
  Imola BEDO, Policy officer, European Commission, Directorate-General Environment, Unit A1 Eco-innovation and Circular Economy

Following her studies in Economics and experience as business consultant, Imola started working for the European Institutions. After an experience in the European Economic and Social Committee she moved to the European Commission, DG Environment. She was involved in the work around EU Environmental Footprinting from the first steps in 2009.
She is now part of the Environmental Footprint team. She is the contact person for several pilots and is responsible for the communication phase.

 Didier Beloin-Saint-Pierre  
logo CSTB/tudor


Didier Beloin-Saint-Pierre has been working in the field of LCA since 2008. During this time, he also obtained his Ph.D. (MINES ParisTech 2012) which focused on the spatiotemporal differentiation of life cycle inventories. The projects in which he participated mainly concern renewable energy systems and more specifically those related to solar energy. He now investigates the challenges of modeling complex systems at the urban scale as part of his postdoctoral work at CSTB with the PRC Henri Tudor.

 Helene bortoli  
  Hélène Bortoli-Puig, ADEME

Correspondent Research ecodesign ADEME, Helen will present the results of the Call for Projects Research and Development ADEME on eco-design in the session "From an LCA study of Management life cycle.

 melanie bordignon  logo ALSTOM   Mélanie BORDIGNON, ALSTOM

I was hired in 2009 in the ALSTOM group as ecodesign responsible, after a PhD in material science with RENAULT, in collaboration with Mines Paritech school. These 5 last years, I developed the ecodesign activity in ALSTOM Transport Villeurbanne with, in particular, the definition of LCA methods especially for electronic products, the writing of golden rules to ecodesign this type of product, and the creation and presentation of trainings dedicated to this topic. In January 2014, I contributed to the extension of the ISO 14001 certification scope to include design and product development, in other words, ecodesign was integrated in the certification perimeter. The ecodesign management system was also evaluated according to AFAQ ecodesign method, and the site obtained a maturity level of 3/4 (confirmed).

 Raphael BRIERE  
logo Navier
  Raphaël BRIERE, Navier laboratory

Raphaël Brière obtained his master degree in Material Chemistry with an environment specialization at the Evry University. Then, he worked during one year at the IFSTTAR laboratory (French institute of science and technology for transport, spatial planning, development and networks). During this period, he used the LCA tool to study French steel and a masonry bridge. Now, he works as a PhD student at the ENPC (National School of Bridges and Roads) in the Navier laboratory on the building end-of-life from an environmental point of view.

logo utbm

Katy CABARET achieved her PhD in industrial economics from the University of Lille 1, in collaboration with the French Institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks (IFSTTAR). She is currently a researcher at the Research Institute on Transportation, Energy and Society (IRTES) of the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM). Her main research activities have been related to entrepreneurship, smart grids industry and business models. She is involved in ABattReLife, an European project to ensure a re-use of the EV batteries at the end of the optimal life cycle.

logo IST
  Ana Isabel CARVALHO,

Ana Isabel Carvalho obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2009 from the Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal. She is currently an invited Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and a researcher at the CEG-IST. Her main research activities have been related to sustainability of chemical processes and supply chains. She has been involved in numerous projects with international companies such as Mitsubishi Chemicals Japan, ICES in Singapore, Codelco Norte in Chile and Rayong Olefins in Thailand. She is the author of scientific articles in international journals and conferences. She has been awarded with several international awards, (e.g. best article in the field of sustainability processes, assigned by the American Institute of Chemical Engineering -AIChE).

logo vallourec
logo ISIGE
logo mines parisTech
  Magdalena CZYRNEK-DELETRE, Vallourec

Magdalena graduated in environmental sciences from Jagiellonian University, Poland. Her professional interests concentrate around eco-design and LCA. Previously, she has been working as LCA analyst for Vallourec, a multinational company providing seamless steel tubes for energy, industrial and construction sectors. This project was conducted as a part of Magdalena's Advanced Master in Environmental Management and Engineering at ISIGE, Mines ParisTech. Magdalena is currently doing her PhD on LCA of renewable gaseous fuel and biological methanation systems in Bioenergy & Biofuels Research Group, UCC, Ireland.

 archana datta  
logo FICCI
  Archana DATTA
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerces and Industry

Ms. Archana Datta holds M.Sc. in Environment Management and has undergone the executive education course in Climate Change Economics and Governance at London School of Economics. Currently working as Assistant Director in Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, she has work experience of over 5 years in carbon advisory and environmental sustainability. She is also a certified trainer on GHG Protocol Product standard and certified lead auditor on ISO 14001, Environment Management System standard. In her current role she is working on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) capacity building in public policy and private sector in India.

 Simone FAZIO  logo european commission   Simone FAZIO, European Commission

Dr. Simone Fazio is an Agronomist, he worked for 5 years on LCA of agro-energy systems at the University of Bologna, He has been involved in several research projects (International, EU, and Italian), focused on the sustainability of bioenergy chains, for the University of Bologna, the IFEU (Heidelberg, during his PhD) and in the private sector. From 2012 is working at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, and is focused on the development of the European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment.

logo Bangor university
  John GALLAGHER, Bangor university

Dr John Gallagher is a researcher on the Hydro-BPT project ( at Bangor University in Wales. His role on the Hydro-BPT project is to explore the potential for micro-hydropower installations in water and wastewater infrastructure. This conference paper examined the environmental burdens of these installations compared to fossil fuel electricity generation and calculated the carbon footprint of the raw materials and installation practices. The paper determined that the carbon payback for a MHP project is much lower than the economic payback. Further case studies of hydro installations will examine methods of reducing the carbon footprint through an eco-design approach.

 Aurelie GALLICE  

Aurélie GALLICE has been working in the Veolia LCA Team since 2012. She has a background of Material engineering and Sustainable and environmental management from the University of Technology of Troyes (France). She has been working mostly on the field of energy (CO2 storage, biomass and Smart Gird) and participated to the development of the Veolia Environmental Footprint (Carbon, Water, Biodiversity and Resources) for territories. She his involved in the Toxtrain project from the European Commision. She also passionates for the development of S-LCA and the application of monetarisation in LCA.

 Alice GUEUDET  

In charge of LCA questions on bio-based products at ADEME. Takes part of the French working group for the standardization of LCA methodology applied to bio-based products (Afnor X85A / CEN/TC 411). Will relay feedbacks on the "platform ADEME/AFNOR for environmental labelling" work during the round-table.

 Romain JOST  
logo heliopac
  Romain JOST, heliopac

Romain JOST is in charge of research and development at Heliopac, a French company designing, manufacturing and selling domestic hot water systems using renewable energy. He is responsible for new products development, eco-design and energy simulations. His mission is also to incorporate Heliopac innovations in the French thermal regulation for buildings (RT). Graduated in energy efficiency for buildings at Polytechnique Montreal (Canada) and in Civil engineering at Ecole des Mines Alès (France), he previously worked for his master thesis on the coupling of two energy simulation software: TRNSYS and ESP-r.

 Walter KLOPPFER     Walter KLOEPFFER, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

Born and educated in Graz, Austria, Walter Klöpffer spent most of his professional life at the Battelle Institute in Frankfurt/M. His main fields of research was the study of environmental processes of chemicals and the assessment of chemicals and processes in a life cycle perspective. Professor for physical chemistry at the University of Mainz since 1975. Editor-in-chief of „The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment" since 1995. Editor-in-chief of the "LCA Compendium - The Complete World of Life Cycle Assessment" (Springer 2014ff). He is now a free consultant for Life Cycle Assessment, especially chairing critical reviews according to ISO 14040+44. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) is now seen as the ultimate goal, including LCA, Life Cycle Costing and Social LCA.


 Francois-Michel LAMBERT  logo institut de l economie circulaire   Francois-Michel LAMBERT, Institute of circular economy

President of the Institute of circular economy will present his vision of the articulation of the Life Cycle Thinking in new business models and participate in discussions on the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy via the Thinking life cycle.

 Stephane Le Pochat  
logo evea
  Stéphane LE POCHAT, Evea

PhD in industrial engineering (ecodesign).
R&D project Manager at EVEA since 2008, Associate. Specialized in LCA and ecodesign of products and systems.

 Eleonore Loiseau  
logo elsalogo irstea

Eléonore Loiseau graduated from AgroParisTech (Master's degree, 2008) and AgroParisTech - Engref (Post-Master degree for Management and Administration in environmental sciences and policies, 2010). She obtained her PhD in process engineering on the field of LCA in 2014. Her work was focused on methodological proposals for performing an environmental assessment of territories based on the LCA framework. Still working in ELSA (Environmental Lifecycle and Sustainability Assessment) team, she is now a research engineer at Irstea (UMR Itap) where she is continuing her research on "territorial LCA" approaches.

 Claire MICHAUD  
logo Rescoll
  Claire MICHAUD, Rescoll

Since 2010, Claire Michaud has worked for Rescoll where she is responsible for ETV (Environmental Technologies Verification) and ecodesign activities such as Life Cycle Assessment and recycling issues.
Rescoll, a SME located in Bordeaux was one of the seven first verification bodies granted by the European commission to develop ETV program. Thus, Rescoll is actively involved in technical working group organized by European commission and global network activities with other countries which are already using ETV (United States, Canada, Japan, Corea,...) for instance in the frame of ISO standard work.
She has 10 years experience in environmental assessment of innovative technology and has performed more than 20 Life Cycle Assessment studies in the frame of collaborative project and business to business studies.
Dipl. Eng. Claire Michaud is a graduate of UTT (University of Technology of Troyes) where she studied materials and environment engineering.

logo Renault
  Stéphane MOREL,

Renault has developed ecological indicators and achieved a score of LCA models from Scénic II in 2004 to deploy the life cycle approach in all activities of Renault, the R & D Marketing Stéphane Morel's mission. He participated in the French Committee for Standardization ISO 14020 and the development of the "Life Cycle Thinking" with the Life Cycle Initiative of UNEP and SETAC.

 Hugo Maria Schally  logo european commission   Dr. Hugo-Maria SCHALLY, European Commission

After graduating from law school (University of Graz, Austria) he practiced law in Austria for several years. He then did postgraduate studies in international relations at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy. In his further career he worked mainly on issues linked to sustainable development holding jobs with UNDP, the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Vienna. He joined the European Commission in 1998 and has been a Head of Unit in the Directorates General "External relations", "Development" and "Environment".
In the course of his career he has been closely involved with the negotiation and implementation of many multilateral environmental agreements such as on the Ozone Layer, Climate Change, Bio-Diversity, Trade in endangered species, Waste as well as with major global Conferences such as UNCED ( Rio de Janeiro, 1992), ICFFD (Monterrey, 2002 ) and WSSD (Johannesburg, 2002) as well as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD -Rio+20). He is has also been closely involved in many issues related to the interface between environment and trade. He has also been taking an active part in international forest policy matters since 1992, including on the implementation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan and in particular the negotiation of several FLEGT VPAs and the elaboration of the EU Timber Regulation. He has also been the main negotiator for the EU for the "Nagoya Protocol on the Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilisation" adopted in 2010 and in its subsequent implementation in the EU.
Since 1st June 2014 he is heading a unit at the Directorate General "Environment" of the European Commission dealing with " Eco-innovation and circular economy".

 Seongwon SEO  
logo CSIRO
  Seongwon SEO, CSIRO

Dr Seongwon Seo is a principal research scientist at CSIRO. Seongwon specialises in environmental modelling and sustainability assessment for the building industry. In his 15 years in CSIRO, he has led numerous LCA and carbon footprinting projects and developed national standard LCI data for building and timber products. He actively collaborates and communicates with industry partners in the quest for lower energy and carbon emissions of their products. Since 2011, he has led the Annex 57 Task 3 Group for the International Energy Agency (IEA) that is developing international standards for assessing the embodied carbon footprint for building and building products.

 Marion SIE  
logo cycleco

Marion Sie holds a Materials Science and Engineering degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA, Lyon, France) dated 2006 and a Strategic Management of Sustainable Development Master degree from the CERAM School (Sophia Antipolis, France) dated 2007. Marion was a sustainable development projects consultant at Ethicity from 2007 to 2008 before she joined Cycleco where she created and manages the building sector department of the company. She is currently in charge of Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost expertise for both the public and the private sector.

 Olivier TALON  logo MateriaNova   Olivier TALON, MateriaNova

Dr. Olivier Talon specialized in the field of bio-based plastics since he joined Materia Nova R&D Centre (Mons) in 2006. In charge of YLCA - a business unit dedicated to environmental impact studies in R&D projects - since 2012, he is involved in many collaborative projects, among which FP7 programs InnoREX and BYEFOULING.

 Hélène TEULON  
Logo gingko21
  Hélène TEULON, Gingko21

Hélène Teulon, X84, PhD in Industrial Organization (Mines ParisTech), developed skills in LCA and ecodesign when working with Ecobilan from 1992 to 2002. She supervised the development of one of the first LCA software, and managed from Detroit (Michigan) the first LCA study of a complete car in the world. She founded Gingko 21 in 2005, to combine environmental measurement tools and innovation approaches. Gingko 21 supports companies in the transformation of their offer through eco-innovation. Gingko 21 is a partner of PE International, and distributes in France the LCA software GaBi. Hélène Teulon runs LCA critical reviews , and teaches at Ecole Polytechnique.

 Michael TSANG  
logo université de Bordeaux
  Michael Tsang, Université de Bordeaux

Tsang, Michael is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Bordeaux in the Institute of Molecular Sciences' Life Cycle Research Group. He received his master's degree in environmental public health from the University of California, Los Angles in 2011. There he worked on theoretical problem solving approaches to replacing hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives. Michael then went on to work as an ASPPH research fellow with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he worked in their chemical safety for sustainability department on issues of life cycle assessment (LCA) and nanomaterials. His current work involves using LCA to assess the opportunities and environmental risks of nanomaterials and the products which contain such materials. This work will help address and resolve methodological issues with LCA and also risk assessment (RA) involved with calculating the tradeoff between potential benefits and associated risks.


We are very pleased to announce that international sustainability expert Paul Hohnen will be joining us again as lead moderator.

Paul Hohnen has worked intensively since 1975 on a range of global economic, development and environmental issues as a diplomat, international civil servant, Director of Greenpeace International, and Strategic Director of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Now an independent consultant, his clients include governments, intergovernmental agencies, business and non-profit organisations. His work has been featured in mainstream and speciality press and he is a regular contributor to Ethical Corporation magazine and The Guardian Sustainability Blog. He will be once more the animator of different plenary sessions. an Associate Fellow of the internationally renowned London think tank, Chatham House.' 




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