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Hélène BEGON, 
Deputy Head for integration of sustainable development initiatives by economic actors at French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy

Hélène BEGON is a graduated of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, she obtained a Master of Public Law at the Sorbone University. She is also graduated from the Administration National School. In 2009 she had a cycle of Advanced Studies in economic development, and another one in sustainable development in 2012/2013. She worked at the Departmental equipment of Yvelines, as a head of planning. She also worked in the Ministry of Infrastructure in Tours as a Director of Interregional training center. From 2006 to 2008, Hélène was an Assistant Director of tourism policy at the Economy ministry. Currently, she currently works for the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.





Roland CLIFT, 
Distinguished Professor of Environmental Technology ; President-elect of International Society for Industrial Ecology and Member of Centre for Environmental Strategy (CES)

Emeritus Professor of Environmental Technology and founding Director of the Center for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey; previously Head of the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Surrey. He is Visiting Professor in Environmental System Analysis at Chalmers University, Sweden and Adjunct Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He is Executive Director and past President of the International Society for Industrial Ecology and a member of Rolls-Royce' Environmental Advisory Board. 
Roland is a past member of the UK Eco-labelling Board, of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP), the Science Advisory Council of Defra, the Royal Society/Royal Academy Working Group on nanotechnology and the Working Group which drafted and updated the BSI/Defra/Carbon Trust standard on carbon labelling, PAS 2050. In 2004-5, he acted as Expert Adviser to a House of Lords Select Committee enquiry into energy efficiency. His research is concerned with system approaches to environmental management and industrial ecology, including life cycle assessment and energy systems.

 demassieux     unep

Head, Responsible Consumption unit at UNEP

She's a graduated of the Grenoble politic studies institute and hold a Master of Political Sciences. Fanny DEMASSIEUX serves as coordinator of activities related to the efficient management of resources, which is one of the six priority areas of intervention of the United Nations Environment Program. She is also in charge of the unit of responsible consumption in the branch 'Sustainable Consumption and Production' Division of Technology, Industry and Economics in Paris.
Previously, as a project manager at the French Development Agency ( AFD ) , she took over the cases of partnership, regional cooperation and monitoring European issues within the Operations overseas territories. This experience of project development has succeeded to the functions it performed at the State Secretariat for Overseas where she held the position of Chief Technical Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Secretary of State.




Deputy Head of Circular Economy and Eco-Innovation Unit of the European Commission's Environment Directorate-General

Gilles VINCENT, Deputy Head of the Unit Circular Economy and Eco-Innovation of the European Commission's Environment Directorate-General, will talk about the implementation of the Single Market for Green Products initiative. The presentation will focus on the three-year Environmental Footprint Pilot Phase. To find out more on the subject, visit 



Moderation by Michel SCHEFFER, Associated consultant with Berenschot

Michiel Scheffer (Manchester, 1964) is senior associated consultant with Berenschot, the leading Dutch consulting firm. He is trained as a geographer (PhD Utrecht 1992) worked for industry associations and has been involved in funding and managing innovation projects since 2000. He is professor in Textile Economics at Saxion University (NL) since 2004 and professor in Innovation Management at Rhein-Waal University (DE). He was elected as a member in the regional parliament of Gelderland in 2011. He is party leader of D66 (ALDE) in this province.



Speakers 2013


 o        po

Emmanuelle AOUSTIN, Quantis

Emmanuelle was at the University of New South Wales, as well as the Ecole Nationale Superieure de chimie de Montpellier then at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has worked for Veolia, and was also president of the Committee for X30U AFNOR. She is currently responsible management and co-leader of WULCA in international Quantis.

 bellini        université

Béatrice BELLINI, Researcher, Versailles University




Hai-An BILLAUDOT, Altran

Hai-An BILLAUDOT got her doctoral degree at University Pierre et Marie Curie in 2010. Her work focused on the impact of different crops on soil erosion and water resources management. After having a first experience in Sustainable Development Department at Veolia Environnement, she joined Altran Research, internal Research Department of Altran, where she mainly involved in projects related to the assessment of the sustainability of various sectors such as production of bio-based materials (plastic, composite, etc.) and recycling/recovery of materials at the end of life.

 Katrien BOONEN     vito logo 


Katrien BOONEN graduated as a bio-engineer at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) in 2007. She had her first work experience in the food industry. In September 2010 she started as a researcher at VITO (the Flemish Institute for Technological Research), where she mostly participates in projects related to life cycle assessment (LCA). She is involved in projects for companies from different sectors, such as research on the environmental impact of building materials, food and biobased products. She is engaged in sustainability assessment studies for sector organizations and governments at home and abroad.


 arthur        Arthur Braunschweig 

Arthur BRAUNSCHWEIG, E2 Management Consulting AG

Since 1998 Managing Partner at E2 Management Consulting Ltd., a consultancy specialised in environmental and sustainability management, working for various sectors. E2 developed methods, such as the first GRI sector supplement for the financial industry, and the Hotel sustainability label 'Ibex'. Arthur is also the co-author of the LCA weighting method 'ecopoints'. Prior to E2, Arthur worked at IBM and was director of ÖBU (association for envir. mgm't). He developed "ecobalance" as a management tool, today used by numerous companies certifying ISO 14001. Arthur teaches and publishes on sustainability management, ecobalance/LCA and ecological economics. He is active e.g. for ÖBU, the scientific journal "GAIA" and the "IJ-LCA".

 François Buyle Bondin      Université Lille 1 logo 

François BUYLE-BONDIN, Lille 1 University

Prof. François BUYLE-BONDIN is an upgraded Professor at University of Lille 1 and a senior expert in sustainable construction and urban planning. He also served as leader of the WP3 of a National French Research Project "RECYBETON" which focus on the complete Recycling of Concrete. He worked as chancellor of Civil Engineering Research Service of French Public Works Ministry (2004-2007), he also has a PhD in Civil Engineering at University Pierre & Marie Curie Paris VI (1980) and an Engineer degree of Hydraulic School of Grenoble (1974) and Geology School of Nancy (1977).


 carvalho       its 

Ana Isable CARVALHO, IST Portugal

Ana Isabel CARVALHO obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2009 from the "Instituto Superior Técnico" (IST), Portugal. She is currently an invited Assistant Professor at IST and a researcher at the CEG-IST. Her main research activities have been related to sustainability of chemical processes and supply chains. She has been involved in numerous projects with international companies such as Mitsubishi Chemicals Japan, ICES in Singapore, Codelco Norte in Chile and Rayong Olefins in Thailand. She is the author of scientific articles in international journals and conferences. She was awarded with 7 international awards, (e.g. best article in the field of sustainability processes, assigned by the American Institute of Chemical Engineering -AIChE).

 castellan       PlasticsEurope logo     

Guy CASTELAN, PlasticsEurope

Guy CASTELAN spent more than 20 years in the Chemical Industry in various job. He was first in charge of polyolefines ans styrenic polymers development, and further joined the Health and Environment department of Arkema. Over the last 3 years he has taken over the Life Cycle Analysis activities of PlasticsEurope, the european association of plastics manufacturers, and of the programme of update of the polymer datasets.

 chrome     factor 

Frederic CHROME, Factor-X

Frederic holds a doctorate in physics and a Master in Management from the Solvay Business School. After working in various positions in universities and in the public services sector, he founded Factor-X in 2007, a leading consulting firm in the field of sustainable innovation in both the public and private sector . Frederick is passionate about social innovation, new business opportunities and coaching. His work includes the themes of innovation custormer based on models of collaborative consumption, circular economy, sustainable finance and measuring the impact on supply chains (the footprint of products).

Andreas CIROTH, GreenDelta
Andreas Ciroth is founder and director of GreenDelta (before Oct 15 2012: GreenDeltaTC), a consulting and software company with focus on sustainability assessment and life cycle analyses. Environmental engineer by education, he finished his PhD (error calculation in LCA) in 2001 at TU Berlin and is working since then in sustainability consulting in research, industry, and policy contexts. Andreas is leading the openLCA project to create a free, open source sustainability assessment software. Further, he holds a lecturer position at the Technical University Darmstadt in Germany, and is author and co-author of several publications, including books.
In broader terms, his interests are: How to assess, and improve, the impacts of human decisions on nature and society - besides arts and playing badminton. 

 Vincent Colomb     ADEME   Vincent COLOMB, ADEME

Engineer in charge of LCAs studies of agricultural products at the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), he has coordinated the end of AGRIBALYSE program (LCI database for agricultural products). He got specialized in environmental assessment of agricultural and forestry products working for consulting companies and research institutes (IRD), and he is now promoting LCA research and development at ADEME. He participated to several major conferences (LCA food, Rio+20 etc.) and has a good view of methodological and operational issues related to agricultural environmental assessment.

MD     cd2e  


Marie DARUL is responsible for the database of eco-materials and activities related to eco-construction in the cd2e. She is in charge of the design and development of the online tool CAP'EM that allow end users to calculate and compare the environmental impacts of construction products delivered to their site. This tool will soon be available free on the web. 


Dieter De Lathauweris a Master of Construction Engineering Technologies and graduated in 2000 in Ghent, Belgium. Since 2005 he is a civil servant and works for the Belgian Federal Public Services of Health & Environment where he is responsible for the policy preparations regarding construction products. He is member of CEN TC 350 and chair of the Belgian mirror committee, project owner of the LCA:TIM project, author of the draft Royal Decree on Environmental Product Declarations and involved in different policy actions in Belgium and EU regarding sustainable construction products. Until 2005 he worked for a certification association for construction products dealing with CE-marking and ISO 9001 audits.


Claire DECHAUX is a study engineer in environmental assessment working at Irstea-Rennes since 2012. She is a member of the SAFIR team which studies the environmental and sanitary impacts of effluent and organic waste management as well as the organizational and technical aspects of these sectors. Claire has been involved in various LCA pathway case-studies: the mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plus anaerobic digestion and composting, the post-treatment of digestates, and incineration.

 Laeticia DELEM  bbri logo 

Laeticia DELEM, BBRI

Project leader, laboratory "Sustainable Development" - Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI). Laetitia DELEM has worked since 2007 as a researcher for BBRI in the field of sustainable construction, with as main research areas sustainable building assessment methods and life cycle assessment of buildings and construction products. Within this context, she is an active member of WG1 and WG3 from CEN TC350. She graduated as Civil engineer from Laval University (Canada) and detains a Master of Science in civil engineering from Michigan Technological University (USA).
Damien Deletraz       logo pole Eco industries Poitou Charentes

Damien DELETRAZ, Pôle des Eco-Industries de Poitou-Charentes

Damien DELATRAZ is graduated with a Masters specializing in eco-design. Since 2010, he is responsible for eco-design in Eco-Industries Center of Poitou-Charentes, an association whose first mission is to support companies to reduce their environmental impact while improving their competitiveness. Energy conservation, eco-design, industrial ecology and eco-innovation are the main measures of the structure. Damien is working to prevent waste on collaborative projects, eco-design and LCA. 



Christophe DREVELLE, pwc

Christophe is manager in charge of eco-design support from 2011. He mainly works with clients on issues related to the development and implementation of eco-design strategies, eco-tools, eco-design procedures, life cycle assessments communication and dialogue with stakeholders through environmental declaration. Christophe has experience in eco-design in industrial company. Before joining PwC in 2011, he has worked for Mapa - Spontex as Product Development Manager and ecodesign engineer (2005-2011). He was also in charge of the deployment of the Prior to these experiences Christophe, during his PhD, has worked for the European Project NEREFITE about the fireproofing of polymers for transport applications.

 tertre        paris

Christian DU TERTRE Economist, Professor at Paris Diderot University - Paris 7 

Christian Du Tertre is Scientific Director of Intervention and laboratory research ATEMIS (Analysis of Changes of Labour and Industries and Services), a researcher at CNRS-LADYSS and also chairs the Club "Economics of functionality and sustainability." Besides saving functionality, his research focuses on the political economy of labor and service-based economy. He works closely with the Nord-Pas de Calais and intermediary organizations such Cerdd (Centre for Sustainable Resource Development) including the application of the principles of economics functionality to sustainable land management.



Emilie is a general engineer, she's graduated of Centrale Nantes and McGill University. She is a consultant for 5 years in the sustainable development department of PwC and working on the inclusion of environmental issues in business strategies, driven by innovation and value creation. Having helped several customers in the LCAs and eco-design, she is working on approaches that include life cycle thinking in organizations: environmental footprint organizations, integrated socio-economic footprint account environmental outcome (E P & L).
photo           logo Roamin FERRARI,  Serge Ferrari Group

After beginning his career in the long term on the seas , Romain Ferrari joined the family business, Ferrari SA , at the age of 35 years. With his brother, he is deploying this company technical textiles and becomes an unusual entrepreneur listening to the critics of the economic world. It is thus closer to the environmental community and chooses to engage Serge Ferrari SA in a sustainable development approach . There he made the observation of a major injustice environmentally responsible products , although representing an overall saving to society ( less waste , less pollution ... ) are often more expensive than others. Consumers do not have access to all, and entrepreneurs and goodwill are disadvantaged. In 2011 , he created a research foundation personal funds : 2019 Foundation. One of its goals : to provide a model indexed VAT on the cost of externalities ( the community must assume financial : health care costs, food , etc. . ) To reduce the price to consumers of goods and ecological services.

 Gallice          veolia     

Aurélie GALLICE, Veolia Environnement Research and Innovation

Aurélie GALLICE has been working in the Veolia LCA Team since 2012. She has a background of Material engineering and Sustainable and environmental management from the University of Technology of Troyes (France). She has been working mostly on the field of energy (CO2 storage, biomass and Smart Gird) and participated to the development of the Veolia Environmental Footprint (Carbon, Water, Biodiversity and Resources) for territories. She follows the development of S-LCA and its application of monetarisation in LCA.


Alexis GERARD, RDC, Environment S.A

Alexis GERARD is bio-engineer and project manager in RDC Environment. This role has allowed him to develop different areas of expertise, particularly in the field of LCA, conducting various studies, developing computer tools for calculations of environmental assessments, conducting critical reviews or developing rules to implement for LCA a sector ("Product Category Rule" (PCR)) in the context of environmental labeling projects in France: Packaging, Waste, Polymers, sports equipment, toys, electrical and electronic equipment (EEE ...). In terms of methodology, he could develop an experiment for monetization of environmental impacts experience. In addition, he is the expert in support of eco-design projects (particularly for SMEs).



Lucas GIARD study engineer in environmental assessment and he is working at Irstea-Rennes since 2012. He is a member of the SAFIR team which studies the environmental and sanitary impacts of effluent and organic waste management as well as the organizational and technical aspects of these sectors. Lucas mainly works on environmental assessment of anaerobic digestion in all its aspects : waste treatment, energy valorization.

 go         po 

Benoît GODON, Pôle fibre CIM-ECO



 gomy          greenext

Catherine GOMY, Greenext service

Catherine GOMY is since 2012 Executive Director at Greenext - sister company of BIO IS, and member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited - consultancy specialized in calculating industrialized solutions for sustainable production and consumption. 
She graduated from AgroParistech and holds a PhD in chemical analysis from Ecole Centrale de Paris. Her area of expertise includes quality, environment and sustainable development, especially in the field of fast moving consumer goods and retail. She acquired strategic and operational expertise In particular through her position of Corporate quality and sustainable development Director at E. Leclerc, for 5 years before joining Greenext.
gui          pe

Laura GUILLON, PE International

Laura GUILLON studied at the school of Mines d'Albi-Carnaux then to Tsinghua University and at the Ecole des Mines de Paris.
She worked as engineers R & D engines, fuel and after treatment for buses at ADEME.
She was also an enginieers R & D on the capture and storage of carbon in BRGM) Tsinghua University. She is currently working for international PE as a consultant stroke.      
 guitton          tudor 

Mélanie GUITTON, Tudor 

Melanie is graduated from materials engineer at the University of Technology of Troyes, and works on the LCA theme since 2008. She is R & D Engineer Life Cycle Analysis and Eco-design at CRP Henri Tudor in Luxembourg since 2009, and more specifically in the Resource Centre for Environmental Technologies (CERT) where she is a part of the team life cycle evaluation (about 14 members). She works primarily on issues of industrial research. 

hettinger           arcelor

Anne-Laure HETTINGER, ArcelorMittal

Project leader at the Sustainability department of ArcelorMittal Global Research & Development, Anne-Laure HETTINGER is in charge of developing Life Cycle Assessment studies and methods mainly in the fields of Construction and Automotive.
In the past few years she became an active expert member in the CEN TC350 and the DIOGEN working groups (LCA for civil engineering). 
Member of the scientific committee of the 2012 and 2013 LCA Conferences organized by the Avnir platform, she also belongs to the organizational committee of the yearly international SAM (Society and Materials) conferences since 2007.
She graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Toulouse and Institut d'Administration des Entreprises at Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris.




Elorri IGOS, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor

Elorri IGOS graduated in Process and Environment Engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Toulouse (France) in July 2011. She works now as a Research & Development engineer for the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor (CRPHT) since August 2011, more specifically in the Resource Centre for Environmental Technologies (CRTE). Within this department, she is part of the Life Cycle Assessment team (about 14 members). Elorri Igos investigates in particular LCA of processes (e.g. (waste)water treatment) and methodology development (e.g. toxicity characterization, hybrid LCA). Her research led to the publication of five peer-reviewed papers and several participations in conferences.




Xavier JOPPIN, Celabor

Xavier JOPPIN is an textile engineer graduated from ENSAIT, and holds a PhD in automatism and industrial informatic. He has begun his career in Innotex where he has developped smart clothes for nautical and fishing industry. Since 2005, he has worked for CELABOR ( in Belgium as a technoligic advisor. In this research center, he's worked on commercial and technic management of customers network in textil, packaging and general retailers. Since 2008, Xavier JOPPIN has developped LCA and environnemental impacts for textile industries, packaging and environment. He has worked on European projetcs as ACV-TEX, EnviroTex, BioBased Packing and PLA2ndLife.

 Diarra KANE Pôle eco-conception          Pôle eco-conception

Diarra KANE, Pôle Eco-conception 

Head of marketing and eco-design project within the national association "Pole Eco-conception and Life Cycle Management" based in France. The missions of Diarra KANE are to support companies and to contribute to the dissemination and the transfer of best practices in product development incorporating aspects of the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2013, the Pôle Eco-conception count more than 150 members companies and works with a network of 55 relay centers around the wolrd.


peeters          vito


Karolien PEETERS (expert sustainability evaluations) graduated in 2006 as bio-engineer. She started her career as a researcher at the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (KULeuven) and worked as a project engineer for a wind energy developer. Karolien joined VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) mid 2011. She works as a researcher in the group "sustainable building and living". She is actively involved in several life cycle assessment (LCA) studies on building materials and building components, commissioned by sector organizations, building professionals and governments. 

 mancini         ep 

Lucia MANCINI, JRC European Commission

Dr. Lucia MANCINI is currently research fellow at European Commission's Joint Research Centre. Within the Sustainability Assessment unit she is in charge of developing methods for enhancing consideration of resources in supply chain analysis. This includes further development of approaches for assessing resource scarcity, as well as exploration of more systematic analysis of the security-of-supply of critical resources in Life Cycle Assessments. During her Ph.D. she was visiting student at Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy (Germany), where she performed an analysis of the Italian agri-food systems' material intensity. She was also research consultant at National Institute of Agricultural Economics (Italy), working to support the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy at regional level, with regard to the rural development pillar and measures for the biodiversity conservation.  



molins          upc

Gemma MOLINS DURAN, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Chemical EngineeringGemma MOLINS DURAN obtained her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry in 1999 in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and master's degree in environmental management in 2001 in Universitat Politècnica de Catalulnya (UPC). At present, she is a doctoral student in the sustainability program in UPC University. Her PhD focuses on the evaluation of the environmental impacts of biocomposites. She is working as an associate lecturer at UPC and she is specialized in sustainability, life cycle assessment and ecodesign


Stephane MOREL          logo Renault

Stéphane MOREL, Renault 

Renault uses the LCA approach to implement its sustainability strategy. Mr. MOREL has elaborated environmental indicators and undertaken the LCA of some 20 models since the Scenic II in 2004. Since 2007, the Renault eco2 and Dacia eco2 labels have stimulated dialogue between Renault and its consumers on car life cycle. Stéphane Morel's mission is to deploy an LCA approach throughout Renault's activities, from R&D to marketing. He is a member of the French committee for ISO 14020 normalisation and of the UNEP / SETAC Life Cycle Initiative.


 Jovita MORENO           Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Jovita MORENO, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Jovita MORENO received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (year 2005) working in the development and analysis of new processes for olefin polymerization. Today she occupies a position as lecturer in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Since year 2007 she is working on the evaluation of environmental and energy feasibility of different kind of processes by means of thermo-economic and Life Cycle Assessment tools. She also has a wide expedience using specific LCA software."

 moreno        ecoinvent  Emila MORENO RUIZ, Ecoinvent Centre

Emilia Moreno Ruiz holds a PhD on Biological Sciences, on the field of bioremediation. After a decade of performing research on a microbiological level, she decided to jump to a life cycle perspective. She worked briefly as LCA consultant for almost two years, before joining the ecoinvent Centre, three years ago.

orgelet          codde

Julie ORGELET, Bureau CODDE Veritas

Project Manager in Life Cycle Analysis at Bureau Veritas CODDE, Julie ORGELET is now responsible for the management of the EIME LCA and ecodesign tool an database development. As such, Julie was in charge of implementation of the first available ELCD database and of the integration of ILCD Handbook requirements within the EIME technical specification. Over the past five years at Bureau Veritas CODDE, Julie had the opportunity to develop expertise in LCA and ecodesign for electrical and electronic products. In the context of big projects, she developed strong skills in terms of service LCA: especially in the field of the dematerialization and ICT service. In addition, it was also heavily involved in the implementation of tasks in preparation for the European ErP Directive on products related to energy consumption.


 Jerome PAYET CYCLECO         cycleco

Jérôme PAYET, Cycleco

Dr. Jérôme PAYET is Director of the company Cycleco. Cycleco is a SME specialized in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and ecodesign. They provide services to private companies as well as to public authorities in France and Europe and also at an international level for the UNEP. Dr. PAYET has experience as Lecturer Researcher at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and he is also member of the Expert Board of eco-invent. He was co-author of USETOX and IMPACT 2002+ and achieved a PhD in assessing impacts of Toxics on Ecosystems in LCA, EPFL.


Paula PEREZ           University of Santiago 

Paula PEREZ-LOPEZ, University of Santiago 

Paula PEREZ-LOPEZ obtained her Master´s degree in Engineering of Chemical and Environmental Processes from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in July, 2011, where she is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Her research areas include application of Life Cycle Assessment methodology and Carbon Footprint to different sectors, such as furniture and wood-based products, textile products or road transport. Particularly, her PhD thesis focuses on the production of high value molecules from diverse marine organisms, including microalgae, macroalgae or sponges, among others. With this regard, she was recently a visiting researcher at the Algae Production and Research Centre (AlgaePARC) at Wageningen University (The Netherlands).
 Bruno PEUPOTIER Mines ParisTech          Mines PariTech


Bruno PEUPORTIER, PhD, is senior scientist and teacher at MINES ParisTech, and professor at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. He is responsible of the Chair "Ecodesign of buildings and infrastructure", and involved in research on the environmental performance of buildings, particularly the application of life cycle assessment (software developer of the Building LCA tool EQUER), the study of renewable energies and new technologies (solar walls, photovoltaic and heat pumps, earth to air heat exchangers...), thermal modelling of buildings and design tools (software developer of the thermal simulation tool COMFIE). He has coordinated several European projects, and participated in several demonstration construction projects.

prendeville           ecodesign  Sharon PRENDEVILLE, Ecodesign

Based at the Ecodesign Centre in Cardiff, I lead on the delivery of its Centre of Excellence contract for the Welsh Government. Through this role I support the Welsh Government's policies for its Waste Prevention Plan, Innovation Strategy and Reuse Strategy amongst others.

I have a product design background and recently completed a PhD in Ecodesign, Eco-Innovation and Material Selection. 


 Jean Pierre Reveret      groupe ageco logo

Jean-Pierre REVERET, Groupe AGECO 

Doctor of economic sciences and a postgraduate diploma in applied ecology, Jean-Pierre REVERET professor at UQAM in 1981. Professor of Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility of the School of Management Sciences, he is the co owner of the International Chair in Life Cycle Polytechnique Montreal / UQAM. He is also Vice President of AGECO Group.
The field of expertise of Jean-Pierre Revéret includes the management and conservation of natural resources and the environment, particularly biodiversity, theories and implementation of sustainable development, environmental assessment and socio-economic dimension of stroke.

 senechal         Materia Nova Logo

Tangi SENECHAL, Materia Nova

Tangi SENECHAL has obtained a master degree in ecological design of polymer and composite materials of Université de Bretagne Sud in Lorient. After a PhD dedicated to smart and active packaging in the Laboratory of materials engineering of Brittany in Lorient, he specialized in cellulose nanocrystals extraction and bio-nanocomposites formulation during a post-doc at the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts of Grenoble.
Working in Materia Nova Research center in Mons, he is in charge of several nanocomposites projects and is part of the environmental impact evaluation team, YLCA.

 g        np  Marc SERIEYS, Nord Package

Engineer from INSA , He acquired through a diverse career in large companies ( Exxon , Avery , Sicad ) commercial , technical and varied and complementary organization. His experience was made on the B to B market particularly in the packaging (raw materials and printed ) in multinational companies of different sizes . He also mades inroads in the field of poster printing , which gives him a good knowledge of most types of printing and customer technologies. He managed and developed the manufacture and sale of RFID tags at IER Graphic subsidiary IER ( Bolloré Group). This company was acquired on 1 April 2010 by a private investor in the field of label which continues the adventure with his own teams. Now he assures the management of a business cluster , North Package, providing part-time consultant missions ( Organization recovery expertise packaging, printing and RFID supplies ) , while remaining attentive to market opportunities .

 Guido Sonneman     Université Bordeaux Logo

Guido SONNEMAN, Université de Bordeaux

Guido SONNEMAN acts as Science Focal Point for the UNEP Resource Efficiency / Sustainable Consumption and Production sub-programme.His main focus areas are sustainable innovation, 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) and the accounting of resource use and its environmental impacts. He is currently Secretary of the International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management, which provides LCA-based scientific assessments . Guido is co-founder and coordinator of the UNEP/SETAC (Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Life Cycle Initiative. He is also current chair of the Steering Committee of StEP Initiative (Solving the E-waste Problem) and the E-Waste Working Group of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative.


soubeyrand         ecoact 
Isabelle SOUBEYRAND, EcoAct
Isabelle is a bio-industry engineer from Biological Industrial School and she had a master of Eco-design and environmental management from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers. She has over 3 years of experience conducting Life Cycle Analysis, and supporting businesses in eco-design approaches. She works in EcoAct for 2 years as a project manager for environmental assessments and reducing environmental impacts.   


 ic        selerant Dušan STOJANOVIĆ, SELERANT Engineering

Selerant builds on over 20 years of operating experience with more than 500 customers, many industry leaders. Beginning as a regulatory software provider, Selerant expanded to fulfill the needs of its customers in formulation and collaboration.
Dušan started his career in 2005, after graduating from University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. After 5 years working on energy market and metering software development, Dušan joined Selerant in 2011 as software developer working on Selerant's LCA analysis software tool EcodEX. Following the successful tool implementation in Nestlé, he became solution manager responsible for EcodEX.
Ali Taileb Durham College          Durham college

Ali TAILEB, Durham College

Dr. Ali TAILEB is an architect and currently teaching architecture with Durham College in Canada. He practiced architecture in several offices in Canada and in the UK. He has a PhD in the area of sustainability from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. His areas of specialization are in building science and urban sustainability. He participated in several international conferences and published articles in peer reviewed journals. 



 teulon  Gingko

Hélène TEULON, Gingko 21

In his role as CTO Ecobilan, including Helen Teulon spent two years in the United States where she coordinated several teams to carry out the LCA of a complete motor vehicle for GM, Ford and Chrysler. She founded the firm Gingko the 21st in 2002 where she developed methodologies for eco-design tools adapted to innovation (value analysis, TRIZ ...) and supports their enterprise deployment.

Els Van de moortel is graduated as an architect in 2008 and is working both as an independent architect and as LCA practitioner for VIBE. 
VIBE is the Flemish Institute for Bio Ecologic building. The main task of VIBE is research and promotion of bio ecological building materials. These are building materials with low impact on environment and positive impacts on indoor climate and health. 
In the field of LCA Els Van de moortel has besides the LCA:TIM project experience in the CAP'EM project, a European project studying environmental impacts of eco materials and for the Natureplus label, a European eco label for building products. 

 viot          solvay Jean-Francois VIOT Solvay Group

Having joined Rhône-Poulenc in 1984 (which became Rhodia in 1998) as a research engineer in mechanics and material science, and after different positions in R&D, technical customer support and business, Jean-François Viot - for the past 5 years - has been in charge of developing and implementing environmental impact assessments within Rhodia which has been absorbed by the Solvay Group. Jean-François has more particularly elaborated a simplified tool, based on LCA methodology, able to be applied to R&D projects as soon as their earliest steps.

zirroti           Auchan Patrice ZIROTTI, Auchan

Patrice ZIRROTI, Packaging and Productivity Engineer, Auchan Food Production. Mr. ZIRROTI is in charge of eco-profiles and LCAs of food and drugs / perfumes / hygiene products of the Auchan brand, in view of improving their environmental impact. He is also responsible for the product environmental information project, as well as projects for value productivity with suppliers of private label food and drugs/ perfumes / hygiene products of the Auchan brand.
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