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2 days to anticipate new trends and drive today, tomorrow's leaders

More than sixty speakers will talk throught twenty sessions to developp differents aspects of Life Cycle's management


Thematics for 2018:


Sustainable production (responsible supply chain, ecodesign, tackling the planned obsolescence, etc.) 

From Life Cycle Assessment to Life Cycle management of my company?

How can eco-design integrate the value chain of complex products, services and systems?

Ecological marketing: strategic position and communication (environmental labelling, ecolabel, etc.)  

Environmental Labelling, a value added for my company? 


LCA and economic model (circular economy, functional economy, cooperative economy)

 - How can Life Cycle Assessment demonstrates circular economy's interest?


Sustainable innovation by business sectors (building, textile, mobility, food, IT, energy, bioeconomy, culture, etc.)

Recycling, a driving element to limit environmental impacts in Life Cycle Assessment?

New agricultural models and innovative agri-food products, what are the environmental impacts? 

- Life Cycle Assessment applied to building sector (new and rehabilitation)

How can Life Cycle Assessment demonstrates packaging's interest? 

How can the textile sector serve sustainable production and fashion through the circular economy?

Bioeconomy: the solution to reduce environmental impacts?

What Life Cycle Assessment reveals about CO2 capture and conversion?

What are the environmental impacts associated with renewable energy and energy storage?

Green IT: how to succeed in the ecological transition of digital?


New approaches around Life Cycle Thinking (monetarization of impacts, planetary boundaries, socio-economic approach, new indicators, etc.)

Feedback for Life Cycle Assessment's improvement on ScoreLCA studies

Quantifying environmental impacts, a first step towards green accounting?

Pedagogical innovation to teach Life Cycle Assessment

What are the new trends for Life Cycle Assessment?

Tools, management techniques and methods for eco-design

Life Cycle Assessment in the development of innovative and sustainable processes and materials

Toxicity, Ecotoxicity and Biodiversity in Life Cycle Assessment Methodologies



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Dead line : June, 15th 2018 - Extension to June 29  


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