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« Life cycle thinking and new business models»: close to 40 researchers of Haut-de-France prepare the world of tomorrow!

Involved in the ecological transition, the Hauts-de-France region has committed itself more than 7 years ago in a large project of Life Cycle Thinking transversal integration by the actors of the region. It supports an active policy in favor of new development models, in particular by encouraging the implementation of eco-design approach and the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).
The Hauts-de-France region relies on the [avniR] platform by cd2e to integrate the life cycle thinking with expertise and methodology within companies and researchers actors. As part of this policy and to promote and accelerate the transversal academic research on these subjects, a call for research project on life cycle thinking and new development models have been launched in October 2014.

Nineteen application files have been received and analyzed. Among them, eight have been selected, each contributing in a complementarity way to the regional research dynamic which the Haut-de-France region wants to set up.

Discover these research projects which prepare the world of tomorrow!



Optimization, technical, environmental and economic to propose and develop clean and sustainable processes


Simplified LCA methodology taking into account scaling up considerations for the development of green processes in agro-food industry and biotechnology.
Partnerships: Institut Charles Violette, ICAM, ADRIANOR, UMET

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Develop an eco-design approach in the agro-food industry field


Environmental assessment to reason and argue the eco-design of processing and cleaning processes in the Agro-Food Industry.
Partnerships: ENSCL, l'INRA, , Université de Lille 1

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Know the impacts data to evaluate and minimize them

ICVaqua Project:

Life cycle inventories (LCI) in the sector of aquatic products in the Hauts-de-France region
Partnerships: ULCO, Institut Charles Violette, Aquimer, Cycleco, Plateforme [avniR]

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Understand under which conditions the LCA can operate a business model change, a new client value proposition, a new internal organization...

ACVUSES Project:

Uses of the LCA and conditions of emergence of new business models: organizational and social consequences?
Partnerships:Université de Lille1, ATEMIS, LEM

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Define how to take into account the territory to move on toward a new business model


New economic models and creation of territorial value
Around the circular economy, the economy of functionality and industrial ecology

Partnerships: Université de Lille 2, Université Lyon 3, SKEMA Business School et MERCUR,
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Develop a methodology to take into account the longer life of the product and apply it to the flax textiles

ECLIN Project:

Rethink the flax textiles design for a circular economy
Partnerships: ENSAIT, Eco-TLC
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Co-build mobility solutions from the functionality and cooperation business model 

 BatEco2 Project:

Environmental and economic strategy for the global cost of life of the building
Partnerships: LGCgE, Université d'Artois, Maison et Cité, cd2e
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Developing an environmental and economic assessment tool for renovation solutions 

MAEFC Project:

Mobility, LCA and economy of functionality and cooperation
Partnerships: CRESGE, Université Catholique de Lille, ATEMIS, STRATéGREEN
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