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Presentation [avniR] Conference 2014

 Wednesday 5 November
Thursday 6 November
1. Open ceremony  7. LCA, from linear to circular economy 
2. What are the worldwide trends in LCA? 8a. Does LCA ensure more efficient buildings?
3. Harmonization and standardization of LC-approaches : killing or inspiring eco-innovation? 8b. LCA, from transportation to mobility
4a. From LCA study to LC Management 9a. Are renawable energies really green? 
4b. Challenges of LCA methodologies 9b. Which contribution of LCA for food and bio-based products
5a. E-LCA to S-LCA : rupture or continuity 9c. CAP'EM, LCA for building products
5b. What are the new approaches in LCA? 10. The Life Cycle Thinking, towards a new industrial revolution?


1. Open ceremony

/ Christian TRAISNEL, director of cd2e and of [avniR] platform by cd2e, France
/ Christophe BOGAERT, Head of product at ADEME Nord-pas de Calais, France


2. What are the worldwide trends in LCA?
Moderated by Paul HOHNEN

/ Hugo Maria SCHALLY, Deputy Head of Unit Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy, European Commission
/ Sonia VALDIVIA, World Resource Forum, Suisse


3. Harmonization and standardization of LC-approaches : killing or inspiring eco-innovation?
Moderated by Paul HOHNEN

/ Imola BEDO, Policy officer, European Commission, Directorate-General Environment, Unit A1 Eco-innovation and Circular Economy
/ Walter KLOPFFER, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Consultant and Edito-in-chief International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment
The Role of International Standards in LCA
/ Alice GUEUDET, Engineer, ADEME, France
/ Alexandre OBERT, Sales director, Le Relais, France


4a. From LCA study to LC Management
Moderated by Anne PERWUELZ et  Cristina Sousa Rocha

/ Anne-Sophie DE COUVILLE, Nuxe and Axel Roy, bureau Veritas CODDE
Integration of ecodesign and environmental communication process within a company of cosmetics sector - feedback from Nuxe laboratory

/ Hélène TEULON, Gingko21, France
Empowering the sales about the environmental communication in business to business

/ Hélène BORTOLI-PUIG, ADEME, France
Presentation from the synthesis of the selected projects for the ADEME's call for research and development proposals for eco-design

/ Magdalena CZYRNEK-DELETRE, Institut Supérieur d'Ingénierie et de Gestion de l'Environnement de MINES ParisTech, France
The role of life-cycle thinking in business strategy : a case study of Vallourec key products for oil and gas industries


4b.Challenges of LCA methodologies
Moderated by Agathe COMBELLES and Marc-Andree WOLF

/ Olivier TALON,Materia Nova, Belgium
Greening the Life Cycle of Polylactide: Why we need transparency in LCA

/ Simone FAZIO, JRC
JRC ongoing activities for the improvement of Data Quality and Harmonization in LCI datasets and databases

/ Stéphane LE POCHAT, Evea, France
Biodiversity in LCA methods : some proposals to bridge the gap

/  Guido SONNEMANN, University of Bordeaux, France
Resource Security Index for Products and organizatios : A new approach to address the geopolitical security of resource under the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment framework 


5a. E-LCA to S-LCA : rupture or continuity
Moderated by  Bernard MAZJIN, Institute for Sustainable Development in association Bruges / University of Ghent, Ralph ROSENBAUM, Industrial Chair for Environmental and Social Sustainability Assessment "ELSA-PACT" at Irstea

/ Laurence HAMON, Quantis France, Marc SERIEYS, NordPackage
How environmental and social LCA can help a regional paper industry be more sustainable?

/ Chongyang DU, MIT-Portugal Program, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Overview of Social  Life Cycle Assessment

/ Ana CARVALHO, CEG-IST Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal
Social life Cycle Assessment - Standardization of mid-point impact categories

/ Mark MISTRY, Nickel Institute, Belgium
LCA and LCC of the world's Longest Pier: A case Study on Stainless Steel Rebar 


5b. What are the new approaches in LCA?
Moderated by Philippe OSSET, Score LCA and Jo DEWULF, Ghent University

/ Eléonore LOISEAU, IRSTEA, France
Environmental assessment of consumption and production activities at A MESO-LEVEl:

/ Aurélie GALLICE, Veolia Environment Research and Innovation (VERI), France
A hybrid LCA methodology to assess the environmental footprint of a territory - A french case study

/ Vanessa ZELLER, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Input-output-based life cycle assessment of the wood construction sector in the Walloon region (Belgium)


7. LCA, from linear to circular economy
Moderated by Paul HOHNEN

/ Christian TRAISNEL, cd2e - Vanessa PASQUET, [avniR] platform by cd2e 
Life Cycle Analysis, a tool to support circular economy

/  Laurent GEORGEAULT, Institute of circular economy
Life Cycle Thinking and circular economy

/ Christelle MERTER, Happychic
Integration of ecodesign and circular economy in the textile sector feedback from happychic

/ Deborah ANDREWS, London South Bank University, United Kingdom
Using LCA to facilitate the development of a Circular Economy for Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RDCs) in the UK


8a. Does LCA ensure more efficient buildings?
Moderated by Marie DARUL, cd2e and François-Buyle BODIN, LGCgE Lille 1

One LCA and edp method for north western europe

/ Marion SIE, Cycleco, France
Building ecodesign at competition stage: a case study

/ Seongwon SEO, CSIRO Land and Water Flagship, Australia
Carbon Saving Effects of Building Retrofits Considering Life Cycle

/ Raphaël BRIERE, ENPC, France
Environmental approach of the end-of-life of buildings

/ Didier BELOIN-SAINT-PIERRE, centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), France
Roadmap to develop Life-Cycle Thinking in Urban Metabolism Studies


8b. LCA from transportation to mobility
Moderated by Stéphane MOREL, Renault and Ion COSMIN GRUESCU, lille 1 University

/ Mélanie BORDIGNON, Alstom transport, France
Develoment of an Ecodesigned Train security board

/ Hélène TEULON, Gingko21, France
Tackling uncertainly in LCA of electric vehicles: a scaling approach in the interpretation of results

/ Katy CABARET, Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard, France
Coupling Business Model whith Life Cycle Assessment for 2nd Life Application : Adventages and Limitations

Mobility: the territorial approach 


9a. Are renawable energies really green?
Moderated by Stéphane BRISSET, Ecole Centrale Lille and François-Xavier CALLENS, Lumiwatt by cd2e

/ Romain JOST, Heliopac, France
How can LCA contribute to the product improvement and development in SMEs: case study of HELIOPAC Compagny

/ Michael TSANG, Université de Bordeaux, France
Beyond energy: A Comprehensive LCA Study of Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cell

/ John GALLAGHER, Bangor university, United Kingdom
Quantifying the environmental Impact of Micro-hydropower in the Water Industry using Life Cycle Assessment

/ Claire MICHAUD, Rescoll, France
Life cycle assessment of a french wind plant


9b. Which contricution of LCA for food and biobased products?
Moderated by Quentin RENAULT, Agroé

/ Agathe COMBELLES, ISA, France
Energy, global warming and environmental impacts assessment of chicory

/ Giovanni Dotelli, politecnico di Milano, Italy
Nutritional health and environmental sustainability of food and bverage: how effective is the LCA approach?


9c. CAP'EM, LCA for building products
Moderated by Marie DARUL, cd2e

/ Christian TRAISNEL, cd2e
CAP'EM: presentation of the European project aiming to develop lifecycle thinking in building sector

/ Brian MURPHY
Building sector: environmental issues, evolution of policies and profesional practices

/ Fred VAN DER BURGH, Agrodome and Marie DARUL, cd2e
"See, Feel, Understand": an european network of demonstration buildings

CAP'EM Compass: live demonstration of a help making decision tool on building products based on LCA

CAPEM: a service offer an European communication about environmental impact of building products


10. the Life Cycle Thinking, towards a new industrial revolution?
Moderated by Paul HOHNEN 

   Focus on SWOT analysis of Life Cycle Thinking

   Roundtable with Christian TRAISNEL (cd2e), Stephane MOREL (Renault) and François Michel LAMBERT (Institut de l'économie circulaire)

   LCM 2015, the 7th Conference on Life Cycle Management

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