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Our Projects

Our projects are grouped under the following areas:

We engage with stakeholder groups on LCA related issues:

We foster cooperation between experts, industry bodies, businesses and local authorities to co-create around:
We encourage action through specific results driven projects, often with seperate finance:
  • Awareness raising
  • Training
  • Market Intelligence*
  • LCA Teachers Platform*
  • LCA Experts Club*
  • Sector leader programme*
  • Environmental Labelling forum
  • Ecodesign collective
  • ACVBat training programme for the national online university
  • CAP'EM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco Materials, Interreg IVB NWE
  • Specific project support

* these projects are open to members only


What do we do?

Raise awareness locally through events and communication tools

Manage ‘best practice' clubs for researchers and consultants that use LCA tools, and companies with life cycle management projects

Provide business intelligence and tools for our members (database of LCA results, virtual library)

Develop and run training courses in the LCA method and different tools (SimaPro, GABI, EIME)

Provide tools and train teachers in LCA for further education and larger businesses

Accompany industry, enterprises or local government in their LCA project

Develop joint LCA projects: strategic guidance, partner matching, funding searches, project management

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