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Mobilisation of the Nord Pas de Calais Region to support environmental labelling schemes


On March 8, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet presented the panel of 168 operations selected for national testing of the labelling of environmental characteristics of products.

The environmental
labelling of consumer products is an important issue for any French company. Undertaken within the framework of the environment stakeholder dialogue (Grenelle de l'environnement), this approach seeks to educate consumers about the environmental impacts of products. Its implementation is an opportunity for companies to manage their environmental impact throughout the value chain of products and engage with their customers around this unifying theme. But the environmental labelling can create significant costs and the future of regulation remains uncertain. In this context, companies are concerned about its real impact.

To better support regional businesses engaged in the environmental
labelling, [avniR] has gathered around the table, the Regional Council, ADEME, the DIRECCTE the DREAL, the network of International Chambers of Commerce, the PICOM Cluster and AFNOR Group. We work with fifteen regional companies actions to support environmental labelling projects (selected for experimentation national or not).


For more information on this initiative, visit the ministry website, or contact Jodie Bricout

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