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avniR conference 2018


[avniR] Platform has the pleasure to announce that the 8th edition of the international [avniR] Conference will takes place the 7th and 8th November 2018!

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Thematics for 2018

• Sustainable production (responsible supply chain, ecodesign, tackling the planned obsolescence, etc.)
• Ecological marketing: strategic position and communication (environmental labelling, ecolabel, etc.)
• LCA and economics models (circular economy, functional economy, cooperative economy)
• Sustainable innovation by business sectors (building, textile, mobility, food, IT, energy, bioeconomy, culture, etc.)
• New approaches around Life Cycle Thinking (monetarization of impacts, planetary boundaries, socio-economic approach, new indicators, etc.)
• Life Cycle Thinking and public policy

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Congrès avniR

Key dates for 2018:

January: Call for sessions launch
13th March // Deadline to submit for your session

March: Call for contributions launch 
15 June // Deadline to submit for your contribution -  Extension to June 29

July: Registration opening 
28th September // Deadline to get preferential prices 

[avniR] Conference: the 7th and 8th November 2018


Call for contributions: 

You can already contribute to this new edition which will make discuss public decision-makers, companies, searchers and design offices around multiple applications of Life Cycle Management with a view to implemeting circular economy. 
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Partnership and sponsorship: 

Contributing to an event that wants to make progress the stakeholders towards environmental friendly pratices, it is sending a message to your stakeholders to position yourself as an engaged and responsible company.
You can also take profit of media impactfrom the event to make know your LCA and eco-design commitment.

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