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Scientific Committee

             [avniR]Conference is an event that brings together over two days, experts, scientists, businesses and policy makers of a wide range of sectors: textiles, construction, food, transportation, etc.. The goal is to share and exchange information about the latest scientific advances and allow companies, regardless of size, to better understand the challenges of the Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Analysis to act for a society more respectful of the environment.
It is through scientific articles, expertise, education or teaching methods including a problem with the LCA of a product, process, service or supply chain that these exchanges will take place.

KEY THEMES for 2013

/ Examples of practical application of life cycle thinking to demonstrate its value (economic or other), particularly in SMEs, public policy and business sectors
/ New tools for eco-design, environmental labeling and LCA
/ LCA and new business models: cradle to cradle, servicizing, circular economy, etc.
/ Challenges and new developments in databases
/ Developments in LCA methodology (input/output, consequential LCA, new indicators, uncertainty, etc.)
/ Social and sustainable LCA
/ Resource and supply chain issues

Each submission was reviewed by our scientific committee before being accepted for presentation as a poster or oral presentation.

The Scientific committee

Anne PERWUELZ, GEMTEX laboratory, ENSAIT Roubaix (France)   

/ ADIBI Naeem, [avniR] Platform (France)
/ ALLAOUI Hamid, LGI2A laboratory, University d'Artois (France)
/ ANDREWS Deborah, London South Bank University (Great Britain)
/ BATAILLE Alain, Artois University (France)
/ BECAERT Valérie, Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, CIRAIG (Canada)
/ BRISSET Stéphane, L2EP laboratory, Ecole Centrale Lille (France)
/ COMBELLES Agathe, ISA (France)
/ DHULSTER Pascal, ProBioGEM laboratory, Université Lille 1 (France)
/ FROIDEVAUX Renato, Université de Lille 1 (France)
/ GRUESCU Cosmin, IUT A - University Lille 1 (France)
/ HAAPALA Karl, Oregon State University (USA)
/ HARDING Kevin, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud)
/ HETTINGER Anne-Laure, Arcelormittal (France)
/ KING Henry, Unilever (Great Britain)
/ KREMER Gül, Pennsylvania State University (USA)
/ LECOCQ Nathalie, IUT Bethune - Artois University (France) 
/ LEGHIE Patrick, HEI (France)
/ LEONARD Angélique, University of Liege (Belgium)
/ LIFSET Reid, Yale school of forestry and environmental studies (USA)
/ MAZIJN Bernard, Institut pour le Développement Durable (Belgium)
/ MENET Jean-Luc, ENSIAME - University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis (France)
/ MISTRY Mark, Nickel Institute (Europe)
/ MOREL Stéphane, Renault (France)
/ OSSET Philippe, Solinnen (France)
/ PASQUET Vanessa, [avniR] Platform (France)
/ SONNEMANN Guido, Bordeaux University (France)
/ TALON Olivier, Materia Nova (Belgique)
/ VALDIVIA Sonia, UNEP (International)
/ VENTURA Anne. IFSTTAR (France)
/ VIOT Jean-François, Rhodia (France) 

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