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Workshop on the overall cost

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New calculation methods for sustainable buildings

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Job offer

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[avniR] newsletter

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Life Cycle Approaches to Sustainable Regional Development

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Life Cycle Thinking: 32 European SMEs speak out!

Thursday, 7th of July 

The LCiP project helps SMEs in France, Belgium, Portugal and Spain reduce the environmental impacts of their products and services across the entire Life Cycle in three sectors: the Building & Construction sector, the Renewable Energy Sector and the Waste Management Sector.

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[avniR] Conference 2016: Registrations are open!

 Thursday, 7th of July 2016


avniR conference



Registration are open for the 5th edition of [avniR] Conference, the essential time for businesses, industries, academics and consultants worldwide; to be the leading actors for a more sustainable 21st century.

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[avniR] Newsletter

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Post-doctoral position

6 June 2016

Simplified life cycle assessment methodology for development of sustainable processes in food and biotechnology industries

Context: Agrofood and Biotechnology Institute Charles Viollette (ProBioGEM team), at the University of Lille 1, offers a 14 months post-doctoral position.

This position is a part of a research project, in partnership with ICAM-Lille, ADRIANOR and INRA (UMET, PIHM team), dedicated to the development of a methodology based on a simplified Life Cycle Assessment, suitable for optimization of food- and bio-industries processes.
The mission of the post-doc consists firstly, in a study of the unit operations applied by the four partners in the project and selection of one or two processes to be subjects of simplified Life Cycle Assessment.
The second step will consist in identification of the elements of Life Cycle Assessment that could be neglected without significant impact on the results in order to simplify this methodology and to apply it easier for food- and bio-processes.
The third step concerns a comparison between the results of simplified Life Cycle Assessment at laboratory and at pilot scale for the same unit operation.
The final step consists in evaluation of the possibility to extend this methodology to other unit operations used in food- and bio-industries.

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Around FOOD'[avniR]

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JOB offer: LGCgE Researcher

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[avniR] participates as partner in consom'attitudes exhibition!

Wednesday, 30th of March

The consom'attitudes exhibition open his doors in the Science Forum in Villeneuve d'Ascq, from 2 April to the end of December 2016!

Consom'attitudesThe exhibition aims to provide tools and knowledge leading the public to question their consumption patterns:

  • Which consumer you are?
  • What products to choose?
  • How to react in sustainable way and reduce environmental impacts, and thinking of health and welfare? ...

Five world and four workshops are proposed to become an actor of change!
To discover on site: four eco-designed products by region of Hauts de France, winners of the [avniR] Ecodesign prize!
Ready for the journey to the eco-consumption and eco-design universe?

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[avniR] Newsletter

Friday 25th of March 2016 

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1st April 2016: Extended deadline to submit your contributions for [avniR] 2016 conference

Friday, 18th of March 2016 

A significant number of contributions are already submitted. Many thanks to all the authors!
Following numerous requests, the organizing committee decided to extend the deadline to submit contributions until April 1st, 2016.

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Post-doctoral position

6 June 2016

Simplified life cycle assessment methodology for development of sustainable processes in food and biotechnology industries

Context: Agrofood and Biotechnology Institute Charles Viollette (ProBioGEM team), at the University of Lille 1, offers a 14 months post-doctoral position.

This position is a part of a research project, in partnership with ICAM-Lille, ADRIANOR and INRA (UMET, PIHM team), dedicated to the development of a methodology based on a simplified Life Cycle Assessment, suitable for optimization of food- and bio-industries processes.
The mission of the post-doc consists firstly, in a study of the unit operations applied by the four partners in the project and selection of one or two processes to be subjects of simplified Life Cycle Assessment.
The second step will consist in identification of the elements of Life Cycle Assessment that could be neglected without significant impact on the results in order to simplify this methodology and to apply it easier for food- and bio-processes.
The third step concerns a comparison between the results of simplified Life Cycle Assessment at laboratory and at pilot scale for the same unit operation.
The final step consists in evaluation of the possibility to extend this methodology to other unit operations used in food- and bio-industries.

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JOB offer: Research engineer ENSAIT - Laboratory GEMTEX

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We are searching for dynamic and motivated trainees in [avniR] platform, caring for the environment, familiar with LCA and LC approaches. Several projects with very interesting content. English is necessary, although French is a plus.
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4 winners announced for the 1st LCiP Awards 2015, 100% dedicated to Life Cycle approaches!

3 September 2015 

LCiP Awards

The LCiP Awards reward the best Life Cycle approaches in organisations which come from four European regions (Basque Country, Nord-Pas de Calais, Portugal and Wallonia).
The winners of each region were announced during the international conference on Mainstreaming Life Cycle Management for sustainable value creation LCM 2015 (650 participants).


Reawin Tip Tep - Tillieux menuiserie

Winner for France (North of France)   

Tillieux Menuiserie Tillieux Menuiserie boosted its economic activity based on the passive house concept. The products are designed in line or ahead, of the thermal regulations. Reawin window offers high thermal performance in the refurbishment of building, including the insulation of historical monuments.





Oxyfix® - EloyWater  

Winner for Belgium (Wallonia)

Eloy WaterEloy Water's flagship product Oxyfix®is a new generation of compact, reliable and low-cost waste treatment system. The company developed a quantitative and qualitative LCA approach in order to evaluate the potential impact related to environmental burden, human health and use of abiotic resources. Conclusions led to a complete adaptation of the process and means of production resulting in a significant reduction in all environmental impacts and in production costs. 


Minimum - Costa Verde

Winner for Portugal

Costa Verde

Minimum (porcelain tableware) product, developed using eco-design methodology. Multifunctional set from fridge to the table made of 100% recycled material. 16% reduction of the thermic energy, 100% reduction in raw material, 30% reduction in waste and 16% reduction of GHG emissions.


Hirilan - Residential buildings in Larrakoalde

Winner for Spain (Basque Country)


Hirilan offers a full architecture service and presents the project where they first implemented ecodesign. It is the design of 3 residential buildings housing 12 dwellings each. For this project, they reconsidered the materials used and achieved an 8% reduction, they redesigned the buildings to achieve a reduction of energy consumption of 33% and they reviewed the installations to achieve 31% of water savings. The ecodesign methodology is now used in the day to day activity of the company.


More information

Meet [avniR] at LCM 2015

[avniR] platform is delighted to welcome you together with the University of Bordeaux and CIRAIG at the LCM 2015. 
We are looking forward to meet you in [avniR] stand at LCM 2015 during lunch and coffee breaks.
Meet [avniR] at LCM 2015

Life Cycle Management and New Economic Models

Wednesday, July 15  


6 years ago, Regional Council started to mainstream LCM in North of France. The Nord-Pas de Calais region is actively perusing an active policy to encourage development of new economic models, through the implementation of Life Cycle Management, Life cycle Approaches and eco-design. The region implements this regional strategy through [avniR] platform - the north France LCM platform for the integration of the life cycle thinking among economic actors and research hosted by cd2e.

As part of this strategy and to promote the development of a cross academic research expertise on these topics, the region launched in October 2014, a call for research on Life Cycle Thinking and development of new economic models.

Eight proposals were selected from the nineteen applications received and the funding are allocated to these projects. [avniR] provides technical support and coordinate the projects.

In this context, several research laboratories recruit on various research topics: life cycle inventory, circular economy, etc:



One more week for early bird registration for LCM 2015

Friday, 5th of June 2015  


More than 300 participants have already register for the 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management on 30th August - 2nd September 2015 in Bordeaux

The deadline to benefit form early bird prices is extend until the 12th of June 2015

You are invited to register also for accompanying persons, social eventsshort coursesback-to-back events and a summer school for students and young professionals. 
Students, participants from non-OECD countries and regional SMEs from Aquitaine and Nord-Pas de Calais are invited to register by 12th of June 2015 if they would like to have reduced fees.

You have the possibility as member of [avniR] or the recently launched Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI) to register with a reduced fee. 
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[avniR] Newsletter

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LCM 2015: Registration is now open!

Thursday, 30th April 2015

The LCM 2015 Organizing Committee is pleased to inform you that the registration for the 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management on 30th August - 2nd September 2015 in Bordeaux, France is now open!


Moreover, you have the possibility as member of [avniR] or the recently launched Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI) to register with a reduced fee.

The deadline for early bird registration is 5th June 2015 and for regular registrations 25 August 2015.

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Register now 

Call for proposal: the 4th annual [avniR] ecodesign award 2015!

Tuesday 14 April 2014
The [avniR] ecodesign award developed in 2012, seeks to mainstream LCM, and to promote the ecodesign expertise and innovation within businesses. 
You have an Ecodesign project/product/service you are eager to promote?
Offered to the winners:
• An expert to help you boosting your eco-design approach and communicate externally,
• Free membership and access to [avniR] platform in 2016.
The applications will be evaluated by an independent jury of eight experts from the economic, environmental, design and research. 
ecodesign award 

[avniR] Newsletter - March 2015

Thursday, 15 March 2015
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[avniR] Newsletter - February 2015

Friday, 2 February 2015
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International success and outstanding results of the LCM 2015 call for abstracts

Monday, 2nd of February 2015
More than 600 contributions from 44 countries!
Many thanks to those of you who contributed to this exceptional number of contributors (including 15 of the Nord-Pas de Calais region, 139 French contributions, 220 European and over 50% from non-European countries). 
"Life Cycle Thinking" is not far from mainstream! It is now time for the Scientific Committee to select papers for platform or poster presentation in different sessions.
Below we provide a zoom on 3 sectorial approaches for Life Cycle Management link to the [avniR] platform European LCiP project.

LCM for building & construction and public infrastructure
Tuesday 1st September - 4pm to 6.30pm

KEYWORDS: building, construction, public infrastructure, cities

The construction industry is one of leading sectors in LCM. In the same time the approach is progressing from building vision to other scales (Ex. cities and regions). The aim of this session is to bring forward those on going initiatives on building, construction and public infrastructure. In addition the extension of LCA to other scales (Ex. designing sustainable cities). 

59 contributions received 



LCM and the end of life of products and materials
Wednesday 2nd September - 2pm to 3pm 

KEYWORDS: recyclability, end of life, design for recycling

As a growing demand to reduce the waste and eliminate the landfill, new targets are established in industry to increase the reuse, recycling of products. Therefore the End of Life of products take momentum in LCM. Actual reliable approach to calculate recyclability are currently missing for most of the product groups. Integrating relevant recyclability criteria based on real industry cases will help to minimize misleading decision making. The aim of this session is to discuss the End of Life LCM approach. This session would be an opportunity for companies of various sectors to present their actual approach regarding Design for Recycling.  

38 contributions received 


  Waste management 

LCM in the energy and electricity sector
Wednesday 2nd September - 11am - 12.30 am 

KEYWORDS: energy, electricity, attributional, consequential, retrospective, prospective
Electricity supply is frequently cited as a significant hot spot in LCA results. Despite its importance, however, LCA practitioners continue to overuse generic LCI data and different simplified methodologies regarding electricity supply modeling. Such simplifications and inconsistencies can result, as an example, in difficulties to compare the findings of various studies.
The session is open for contributions highlighting issues on electricity supply modeling, methodological choices and data set selections; all having a significant impact on LCA and consequently, LCM results. Attributional and consequential perspectives as well as systemic aspects of the electricity sector are also supposed to be reflected during the session, which is expected to summarize the key issues and provide suggestions on how to approach such problems.
The session chairs hope that this will lead to an inspiring overall exploration of challenges and opportunities of LCM and LCA on electricity!
39 contributions received
   Energy equipment
Other sectors like chemicals and materials, food and beverages, transport and mobility, textiles, etc. together with a session on European and French environmental labeling and life cycle management in SMEs, etc. are organized. Discover the 37 sessions.
Join us from the 30th August to 2 September 2015 at the International LCM Conference 2015 in Bordeaux, more than 600 players are expected! 

[avniR] intership offer

Monday, 26th of January 2015 

[avniR] platform provides a 4 -6 months internship from February / March 2015:

Buildings, Product Environmental Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment 

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter before 15 February to 

LCM 2015: Extension of deadline for abstract submission

Friday, the 16th of January 2015
         Until 15 January, we have already received a substantial number of abstracts. However, due to numerous requests for an extension of the deadline, the LCM 2015 organizing committee decided to extend the deadline for abstract submission till 31 January 2015.
So if you still have not done it, we invite you to contribute to this event by submitting an abstract as soon as possible. 
The abstract evaluation process will start early in February. We will provide information about conference fee payment procedure and hotel reservation.
More information on  

LCA Club

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[avniR] Newsletter - January 2015

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LCM2015: The Call for Abstracts is open !

Tuesday, the 18th of November 2014
The LCM2015 Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to participate in the call for abstracts for the 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management on 30th August - 2nd September 2015 in Bordeaux, France.   LCM2015

Building on the success of past editions with more than 500 participants at LCM2013 in Goteborg and at LCM 2011 in Berlin, with nearly a parity coming from the public and private sector, we invite participants from business, government and local authorities, NGOs, research as well academia to share their best practice, knowledge, experience and approaches on Mainstreaming Life Cycle Management for sustainable value creation.

The deadline for oral and poster presentations is January 16, 2015

 For further information please have a look at

Call for research proposals

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New Hotspots Analysis Publication in Review Phase: We're seeking your feedback

Friday, the 3rd October 2014 

"Phase 1 of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative's Flagship Project 3a - Hotspots Analysis is making good progress. Since the survey that was launched in June, the results have been reviewed and analyzed, with further support from desktop research and interviews with key hotspots analysis methodologies developers and users. The outcome of this work has been summarized in a draft report and issued to UNEP for review and comment in early August. This draft has now been finalized and is published as a UNEP/SETAC publication for worldwide dissemination and review." 

Comment period: The comment period is 1st to 29th October 2014.

Thank you in advance for your time to provide feedback.

More information on Life Cycle Initiative website. 


Programme [avniR] Conference 2014

1st August 2014
Halfway between a business seminar and a scientific symposium, the International [avniR] Conference brings together more than 400 international private and public stakeholders to support the eco-transition while creating economic value for the future through Life Cycle Thinking. The goal is to share and exchange the latest scientific advances and allow companies, including SMEs, to better understand the challenges of the Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Assessment to act for a society more respectful of the environment. It is through Life Cycle Based, scientific articles, expertise, education or teaching methods of a product, process, service or supply chain that we tackle issues and new developpement. 
The 5th and the 6th of November 2014 at the "Nouveau Siècle", Lille, France
[avniR] Conference 2014 
Highlights of the 4th edition of [avniR] Conference:

o Harmonization and standardization of LCA practices: killing or inspiring eco-innovation?
o LCA, from linear to circular economy,
o The life cycle thinking, towards a 4th industrial revolution
o From LCA study to LC Management

Discover the latest trends and references relevant to your industry and develop the best solutions for tomorrow:
o Construction: Does LCA ensure more efficient buildings?
o Mobility: LCA, from transportation to mobility
o Energy: Are renewable energies really green?
o Food: Which contribution of LCA for food and bio-based products?

o Challenges of LCA methodologies
o What are the new approaches in LCA?
o E-LCA to S-LCA: rupture or continuity?

More information  

More than twenty applications received for [avniR] eco-design contest 2014

28 July 2014
More than twenty applications received for [avniR] eco-design contest 2014. Thanks to all the participants!
The next step is the announcement of the finalists. It will be held Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 15:30 in Nouveau Siècle, Lille during [avniR] Conference.
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Product Environnemental Footprint: 30 proposals have been reveived

7 April 2014 
The call for volunteers for feed, food, drink and related products is now closed. The deadline for submission of applications for this second wave of pilots was March 28, 2014 17h CET.
Submitted applications are now being reviewed and the list of selected pilots is planned to be published on this website by the end of April 2014.
A total of 30 proposals have been received in response to this 2nd call for volunteers.
More information 

More than 80 sessions proposition for LCM2015

28th February 2014


The Call for Sessions for LCM 2015, the 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management was a succes. 

More than 80 propositions of session were submit. 

Learn more about LCM2015     




Lobbying EU day: Exchange in Brussels on integrating life cycle thinking in business

2 september 2013 

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[avniR] Platform participates at LCM 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 

LCM 2013, the 6th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, is hosted by CPM - the Swedish Life Cycle Center - a Life Cycle Management-platform where industry, institutes, academy and government join forces in the ambition to reduce the environmental impact of current and future production and consumption systems.
More informations about the LCM 2013  




World Green Design Forum 2013 at European Parlament


Tuesday, 27 August 2013


The [avniR] Plateform is proud to be invited by the DDF -Design Dragon Foundation of Beiging - for the World Green Design Forum which will be held the 18 and 19 October 2013 in the European Parlament, Brussels, Belgium.

Major events of the Summit include high-level dialogues, keynote speeches, exhibitions, World Green Design Contribution Award Ceremony, and various sessions. There will be four sub-forums including the Sustainable City forum, the Green Products forum, the Intellectual Property and Investment forum and the International Education on Sustainability forum.

More information 


World green Design Forum


Inauguration of the eco-materials exhibition

Friday, 05 July
         [avniR] Platform participated at the inauguration of the eco-materials exhibition by Globe 21 in Chateau Thierry.

globe 21 exhibition eco materials

The CAP'EM (Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Materials) Project is a North-West European programme drawing together the expertise of 11 partner organisations to improve the production, distribution and use of eco-materials. More information.

Meeting - LCA Club

Wednesday, 26 June

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Environmental Management Operation

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Plateforme [avniR], keynote speaker at ALCAS Conference

Thursday, 20 June 2013
 The [avniR] Plateform is really proud to be invited by ALCAS, Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society, for the LCA and Carbon Footprint Conference.

 ALCAS Australian Life Cycle Assessment
The Conference will be held from the 16th to 18th July in Sydney, Australia. 
Jodie Bricout, Manager at [avniR] LCA Plateform, will be the keynote speaker.

More information
 Jodie Bricout

Eco-design Context

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Environmental Footprint pilot phase

30 April 2013

    Michele Galatola from DG Environment, European Commission explains details of the Environmental Footprinting pilot phase. He delivers relevant insights for the application process, governance of the pilot phase and possible communication vehicles. The presentation has been recorded at the PEF Policy Conference in Berlin 30 April 2013.
A video on the context and rationale of EU Environmental Footprinting and recent decisions is available here.

[avniR] Plateforme in REMAT

Friday, 26 April


The platform [avniR] occurs Saturday, April 27th for the International Conference on Rare Earths, REMAT, Wroclaw, Poland.

logo remat 2013


World Green Design Forum 2013

Monday, 27 May 


The platform [avniR] occurs the 28 and 29th May for the World Green Design Forum in China. More information


logo world green design forum


Technical LCA Days in Gabes, Tunisia

Friday, 12 April 


         The 10 April 2013, took place the Industrial and Technological Life Cycle Day organised by Pole Gabes in Tunisia.
This event brought together some sixty companies.



pole gabes

 Naeem ADIBI, LCA engineer at the LCA [avniR] Plateform presented the experience of [avniR] in LCA field. 


Single Market for Green Products Initiative

10 april 2013
         The Single Market for Green Products initiative proposes two methods to measure environmental performance throughout the lifecycle : 
  • the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) 
  • and the Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF);

The three-year testing period will be launched soon. An open call for volunteers will be published by the Commission on the Product Environmental Footprint and the Organisation Environmental Footprint sites, inviting companies, industrial and stakeholder organisations in the EU and beyond to participate in the development of product-group specific and sector-specific rules.
More informations here

AFAQ Eco-conception Evaluations

25 March 2013

Following the first eco-design competition organized by the platform [avniR] and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry  at Lille, 11 finalists were able to benefit from eco-design evaluation AFAQ AFNOR. The goal is to analyze the eco-design company in order to identify areas for improvement.

The results are great because more than 50% of companies evaluated have achieved a level of "progress" and 20% level "confirmed" ! All of the results highlights the commitment of directions, good project management and the integration of eco-design strategies companies.

Meeting - LCA Club

02 April 2013

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Plateform [avniR] at AMERICANA, Canada

20 March 2013

     From March 19 to 21, Christian TRAISNEL, Naemm ABIDI and Aubin ROY are participating in the international exhibition of environmental technologies: AMERICANA at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal, Canada. A framework for the scientific, technical and commercial issues related to sustainable development.

FUSION Workshop : innovative & sustainable entrepreneurs

 20 february 2013


The Fusion Project brings together seven partners from four different border regions (United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Flanders and France).

In this project several actors met Wednesday 20 February in our resources center :

  • Annemie OF PROFT of Voka
  • Alison MCFAYDEN of WSX
  • Jurjen LENGKEEK and Vincent Wegener DNAMO
  • Alexia PESTRE of cd2e
  • Jodie BRICOUT and Naeem ADIBI platform [Avnir].


The workshop permit to work on methods to devise new criteria analysis to support companies at various stages of development (design, transition, and growth), in particular the one developed by the Technical University of Denmark, available here.

An interresting method which helps to adopt a radically different approach to developing and manufacturing products to achieve significant environmental improvements.


Eco-design and LCA Food Packaging training

14 february 2013
Tuesday 12 February 2013 at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille, 46 people attend the Eco-design and LCA Food Packaging workshop.

On-line training course: LCA for buildings

28 January 2013

The on-line training course ACVBAT is now available on the French "numeric university" UVED.

This collaborative project was led by our partners at the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambrésis, with ENSAIT and the University of Lille 1.

Link to the ACVBAT training resources


[avniR] helps launch new ecodesign initiative in Brussels

Tuesday 11th September 2012, Brussels

[avniR] was delighted to present our work at the launch of the new dedicated eco-design support centre in Brussels.

Presentations are available online here.

Two papers presented by avniR in SETAC conference.

1- “Mainstreaming Life Cycle Management: using a sector based and regional approach in Northern France in the textile, seafood, packaging and mechanical sectors”. It was presented in Life Cycle Management session: Success factors and barriers.


2- During the E07 session an “Uncertainty Analysis Methodology, in an International Carbon Footprint Accounting for Decision Making, Renault Group case study” has been presented by avniR. The subject of the session was latest developments in uncertainty management adding value to LCA studies.

The main subjects of SETAC LCA berlin conference:

Life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle management (LCM)
E01 - Broadening the life cycle toolbox: accident and risk related life cycle assessment
E02 - Certified Sustainability in LCA ?
E03 - Development in life cycle inventory analysis and modeling
E04 - Developments in life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA)
E05 - Established and emerging footprints - striving towards a valid and comprehensive support for decision-making processes
E06 - Increasing scientific and policy understanding through meta-analysis of life cycle assessments
E07 - Latest developments in uncertainty management - adding value to LCA studies
E08 - Monetisation for weighting and aggregation in Life Cycle Impact Assessment and Cost-Benefit-Assessment
E09 - Life cycle management (LCM): Success factors and barriers
E10 - The UNEP-SETAC Life Cycle Initiative: a decade of supporting the global LCA community




The [avniR] LCA platform has been commissioned to facilitate the development of the third 5 year strategy of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative

This partnership follows the success of [avniR]'s international LCA conference in November, which was actively supported by the Initiative. "The secretariat was impressed with our ability to bring together people working on Life Cycle approaches from around the globe but also from different walks of life" said Jodie Bricout, coordinator of [avniR]. In effect, the conference brought together a rare mix of academia, businesses and government representatives from 22 countries. This is an important aspect for the development of the Life Cycle Initiative's 2012-2017 strategy, which needs to actively involve all these groups and on every continent.

[avniR] is leading the stakeholder engagement process, interviewing Life Cycle thought-leaders on their vision for the Life Cycle community in 2017. This process informs the strategy, which is drafted by [avniR] based on the regular teleconference meetings with Unep, Setac and the strategy committee. The strategy will be finalised in March 2012, after a face to face workshop in Brussels with the strategy committee in February. "It's a fascinating process understanding what has been done and what is needed in Brazil, South Africa, the USA, Japan etc... and it is an honour to be working with such an important organisation" said Jodie.

This vision and the contacts made during the process with evidently benefit the local work of the [avniR] platform, who is already preparing more applied projects in conjunction with the Life Cycle Initiative for 2012... stay tuned!

Four stratigic studies to integrate LCA and ecodesign into sectors launched

Supported by the [avniR] LCA platform, four sectors in Northern France have engaged to develop actions to support their enterprises, reseach and education bodies to integrate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and ecodesign.

• The textile sector, with the operation TEXavniR, piloted by cluster UP-tex
• The machinery sector, with the operation MECavniR piloted by the CETIM,
• The seafood sector, with the operatione FISHavniR piloted by the cluster AQUIMER and
• The packaging sector, with the operation PACKavniR piloted by the cluster MAUD.

Please contact Jodie Bricout for more information.

3 ecodesign prizes to be awarded for businesses in Nord-Pas de Calais

The regional eco design collective will be awarding 3 special prizes to businesses integrating eco design into business practices, or who have developed a specific eco product, at the JADDE sustainability conference in Lille the 6th of October. The winners wil also be present at the international LCA conference, 3-4 November.

Our first newsletter is finally out!

16 June 2011

[avniR]'s first newsletter is is downloadable here.

You'll find information on our projects, our actions with international partners and our upcoming events.

In each edition we will present a focus on one of our partners, a  membe, a project and a LCA related tool. For this first newsletter, we take a look at the CIRAIG, the competitivity cluster MAUD, the ACVBat project and the [avniR] database.

Happy reading and don't hesitate to contact us for any information.

[avniR] Teaching Platform Launched

25 May 2011

On May 13th, [avniR] launched its teaching platform. The objective of this platform is to encourage the emergence of teaching Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and eco-conception throughout higher education, in order to provide tomorrow's professionals with modern and strategic decision-making tools, in respect of sustainable development.

To do this, we provide member teachers with teaching tools around LCA, and the opportunity to interact with teachers in other disciplines. This helps develop multidisciplinary projects, an approach essential to the LCA methodology.

At the launch event, close to 50 teachers and experts came together to learn the objectives of the platform, how we plan to work together, and share their needs and expectations in terms of teaching LCA.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn from Valérie Becaert, Deputy Director of the Interuniversity Research Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services (CIRAIG) based in Montreal, Canada. Her contribution focused on the latest advances in LCA and a presentation of the CIRAIG.


The [avniR] teaching platform is a space for collaboration and co-creation of training tools, where each member will have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement and development of tools and resources. Currently the tools and resources available in the teaching platform are mainly in French, although some references to resources are in English.

For more information, please contact Jodie Bricout.

French experimentation of future environmental labelling laws

16 March 2011

Late last year, the French Sustainability Ministry announced that it would experiment the feasibility of its ambitous future environmental labelling laws. Last week the 168 participating companies were announced - large and small from across the country.

So what do these new laws mean? Well, imagine walking into one of the great French style hypermarkets, where you can not only buy your jambon, baguette and brie, but clothe your children and pick up a DVD, a new hifi and some garden furniture while you are at it. If the environmental labelling laws come into play, consumers will be able to access comparable information on the environmental impact of each and every one of these products, across their life cycle. Every product will have its carbon footprint, and depending on the key impacts of the product type, there will also be 2-3 other environmental indicators.

It's a dream come true for the engaged consumer who will finally be able to decide between the organic tomato from Morocco or the greenhouse tomato from Holland. But how do we ensure that for the "regular" comsumer it is a reall opportunity to understand how they can reduce the environmental impact of their purchases. The risk of information overload is huge.

Understanding the life cycle impacts of their products is a powerful step for companies towards improving their design, sourcing and logistics. But the financial burden for smaller companies could be crushing.

[avniR] is following the tests closely to see how companies can get the best out of environmental labelling, and not just suffer the negative consequences. We are working with the Regional Council, the ADEME, Afnor Groupe, the Chambers of Commerce, the DIRECCTE, the DREAL and the national competivity cluster PICOM to help local businesses implement environmental labelling.

Our LCA in Business conference (3-4 November, Lille) will confront the experiences of many companies involved in the French experimentation, with international companies testing voluntary schemes. Considering that the "French exception" will not only affect any foreign companies selling to the French market, but itcould also become European law in the future, it is well worth keeping an eye on!

Support for ecodesign projects

The eco design collective has approved 7 applications for support from businesses in Northern France. Each business will receive an adapted package from finance for external LCAs of their product to students to help bring their design to market.

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