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[avniR] is an initiative of the not-for-profit organisation cd2e. The cd2e is a team of environmental and business experts dedicated to supporting the environmental sector in Northern France and abroad.

[avniR] is financed by:



National Competitiveness clusters: TEAM2 (recycling), Aquimer (seafood), MAUD (materials), PICOM (commerce), UP-TEX (textile), Eurasanté NSL (health & nutrition), i-TRANS (transport)

Regional "excellence clusters": cd2e (environment), IAA (agro-food), APAF (plastic industry), Euratechnologie (ITC), Mécanov (mechanical industry), Nord Picardie Bois (wood),

Further education / research: Ecole de mines de Douai, HEI, ICAM, Institut Catholique de Lille, Université d'Artois, Université Lille 1, Université Valenciennes et du Haut Cambrésis, ENSAIT,

Local Authorities: Lille Metropole

Institutions: AFNOR, ADEME, CCIGL, CRCI, Conseil Régional, DIRECCTE

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