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We would like to inform you that some workshops are organized for 6 and 7 of November in partnership with the CAP'EM project, CIRAIG, PE International, Cycleco.

Different side events are organized this year. Below the list, ensure your place today! Pre-registration is required. Please download and complete the application form for the desired short course and return it to the address indicated on the form, by 31th of October.

All training will take place at Espace Inkerman, 5 Rue Gauthier de Chatillon, 59000 Lille, France


6 et 7 November : Summer School with CIRAIG (FR)

First day to discover LCA from A to Z, and the second to get futher with IMPACT WORLD +  



6 November 09.30 am- 12.00 am : Product Environmental Footprint, PE International (EN)

The European Commission's recently launched Environmental Footprinting initiative is designed to harmonize the many different methodologies available to calculate and communicate environmental information for products and organisations. This workshop will provide LCA practitioners with an overview of the new environmental footprinting framework for products, how it will affect existing LCA work and how to implement it in the existing LCA routine. 
(note: no GaBi Software knowledge required)
PE international  



7 Novembre 09h30-12h : CAP'EM Compass (FR)  Cancelled

CAP'EM Compass is the outcome of The CAP'EM Project (Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Materials), which is a North-West European program drawing together the expertise of 9 European partners from 5 countries to improve the production, distribution and use of eco-materials. CAP'EM Compass is an online tool for building designers to find and compare the products based on their preferences and the observe products environmental impacts. It can also filter the products based on the user's location and calculate the delivery footprint.

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